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Peter Loos
Founder and CEO
Jade Blackwater
Vice President of Sales and Marketing


We treat people with respect, share knowledge freely, and own each solution through to success.

Founder and CEO

Peter Loos

Peter Loos' joyous nature is infectious: it's the joy that comes from two decades spent doing what he loves: helping others learn to help themselves. In 2001, he founded Seabeck Systems to help "stuck" clients gain traction and get IT projects moving through roadmapping, training, and implementation.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Jade Blackwater

Jade Blackwater brings patience and compassion to the typically no-nonsense, get-it-done business world. Spending 15 years doing what she loves shows in the warmth and kindness Jade projects. As VP of Sales and Marketing and leader of customer experience, Jade nurtures relationships to smooth out the bumps of change and guide teams through development and delivery.


Our global team of top-notch professionals breathe fresh insight and diverse expertise into every engagement.

Bilyana Tokmakchieva
Product Manager
Seabeck Systems
Yoan Petrov
Enterprise Architect
Iva Yolovska
Marketing Consultant
V+O Bulgaria
Steven Brykman
Lead Creative Storyteller
Got Your Nose
Stefan Vladimirov
Brand & Product Designer


We partner with firms that share our values and elevate projects with quality expertise, products, and services.

Leveraging Azure Cloud, M365, and more.
End-to-End Robotic Process Automation from Strategy through development.
Your multicloud solutions experts.

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