Bulgarian, English, Spanish, Portuguese
Marketing Consultant

Iva Yolovska

At an early age, Iva wanted to pursue marketing and as a young teen helped struggling local startups reach their target markets. An agile, established strategist, today Iva leads omnichannel marketing and social media campaigns across all industry verticals. Ever since her grandmother taught her crochet, Iva has married ingenuity and reason to create utility and beauty. Iva is most at ease multitasking and juggling roles (mother, marketing lead, master’s student) and relentlessly refines processes, analyzes insights, and addresses the bigger picture in her drive to devise each client’s ideal marketing strategy. Though her confidence instills calmness, Iva enjoys an adrenaline rush: organizing press events, trainings and weigh-ins for Bulgaria’s top boxer and coordinating the ringside broadcast. Iva was even entrusted with media relations, social campaigns, and event management for the launch of Bulgaria’s first geostationary satellite—all while coordinating with SpaceX in the US.

When I talk with Iva about a project, an idea, a need, a quest, a change request... I get a certain feeling of confident reassurance from her response.

Jade Blackwater, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Seabeck Systems