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Enterprise Architect

Yoan Petrov

There's just one person Seabeck trusts to pull off a "Loos-level" of quality for our clients. That person is Principal Enterprise Architecture Consultant, Yoan Petrov. Yoan excels at organizing, executing and closing several projects in parallel, deftly code-switching between concepts and technologies. Despite so many irons in the fire, clients and colleagues celebrate the calm Yoan brings, his flexibility and resilience in the face of changing requirements—even under time and workload constraints. It's the confidence that comes from being an absolute master of your craft. Clients are awed by his friendly professionalism, his conscientiousness, and his breadth of knowledge. For most, building a mindfulness app like Relaxify is a dream. For Yoan, it’s a sidenote to an incredible career. Whether managing the delivery of a bank supervision system, developing maritime communication modules, or ensuring the security of sizing tool's web platform, Yoan's work is always technically inspiring.