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Bilyana Tokmakchieva

Seabeck hires only the most well-rounded minds. It’s the shortest path to innovation. Bilyana is no exception. She holds degrees in business strategy and painting but attributes her flair for finding market patterns to her early math studies. This is her favorite part of product management: unearthing opportunities in seemingly disconnected data points. Bilyana tackles problems with both sides of her brain. Her drive to improve lives translates into a dedication to delivering the best possible product by considering all perspectives to ensure all user needs and pain-points are addressed. Appropriately, she helped build a platform that lets users design their own game UI. After launching the first VR browser and the first VR incubator, the cleverness of her market strategies propelled the startup to a leadership position. Bilyana was honored with an invitation to the inaugural WebVR standards assembly in Brussels—and with inclusion in VU DReam's Top 101 Women Leading the VR Industry.