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Project and Program Management

Get projects moving forward

Structure guarantees you a successful delivery (and a better night’s sleep)
Project Management is a must. We build cross-team communication to align priorities, keep work moving, manage risk, and secure the delivery and handoff.

How we manage projects

Align stakeholders

Get information flowing with our plain language communication across all teams. Key artifacts like the charter and RACI ensure everyone knows their role and priorities. Busy stakeholders have visibility through weekly status updates. Focused daily standups reveal blockers early for immediate resolution.

Requirements drive scope

We analyze and document your requirements to align on scope, timeline, and deliverables. Our team publishes documentation to rally stakeholder input. You always maintain control of scope and requirements. When requirements change, we promptly update documentation and report scope impacts.

Immediate small wins

We plan incremental efforts, so we can demonstrate progress often. Your team builds momentum with immediate wins. Early and regular demonstrations and user acceptance testing ensure stakeholders give timely feedback and own the results.

Nothing gets missed

We follow through on every commitment, balanced and guided by regular stakeholder feedback. Enjoy the relief and satisfaction of a delivery that is carefully planned, executed, validated, and communicated with our support. Training, handoff, and a monitoring and alerting strategy preserve your successful delivery.

“I have known Peter Loos since 1995. I highly value his overall ability to deliver solutions to the extent that when we no longer worked for the same organization, I retained his company Seabeck Systems as an outside consultant to build the Distributor Sales Reporting database for Dux Dental / Vettec Inc. They are thorough and detailed in their approach, but can still see the big picture objective. Seabeck Systems seems internally motivated to drive and succeed in every endeavor they undertake.”

Dale Akita
Chief Financial Officer
DUX Industries Inc.
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