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Interim Leadership and Leadership Coaching

Get focused fast

Build mutual trust and your team will deliver
Call us your coach, your vCIO, or your insurance policy - however you call us, when things go sideways, we'll help you pick up the slack.

We kickoff and ensure progress

What are your priorities?

Use our expert assessment to make an informed decision. First we consider your business objectives, short- and long-term risks, and resource capacity. We equip you to negotiate priorities and next steps with your stakeholders.

Draw a roadmap everyone can point to

The road ahead is full of changing budgets and operational priorities. With your assistance, we assemble a flexible roadmap your team can use for years. Each point on the map includes actionable information to define and drive your next steps.

Baby steps to success

An incremental approach gives time for people and processes to adapt. We help you create lightweight demonstrations of what is possible, and get early input from your stakeholders. You increase buy-in and reveal business requirements with each delivery, which helps you build systems that people can and WILL use.

Close at hand

Retain us for easy access to consultation. We'll jump on a virtual call with you for a quick whiteboard session to shake out the challenge du jour.

“I have known Peter Loos since 1995. I highly value his overall ability to deliver solutions to the extent that when we no longer worked for the same organization, I retained his company Seabeck Systems as an outside consultant to build the Distributor Sales Reporting database for Dux Dental / Vettec Inc. They are thorough and detailed in their approach, but can still see the big picture objective. Seabeck Systems seems internally motivated to drive and succeed in every endeavor they undertake.”

Dale Akita
Chief Financial Officer
DUX Industries Inc.

Let’s build together.

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