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Solution Architecture

Make it count

Where does each system fit in the big picture?
We know the latest tech will not solve your challenges alone. Our focus is the interaction of the many systems that influence your organization: political, organizational, technological. We ask the uncomfortable questions that bring clarity to the decisions that need to be made.

We put people first

Because humans use systems

We get to the heart of every organizational solution: the people who use and benefit from systems. Candid discussions reveal stakeholder needs and expectations. Your plan is more likely to succeed long-term by serving the needs of people first.

Grow in-house knowledge

There is a big difference between knowing about cool technology, and knowing what to do. We organize high-performance teams to avoid expensive pitfalls and jump-start your initiatives. By sharing best practices we help your employees and partners confidently define both the job to be done, and their capacity to do the job.

Tortoise beats hare

You want to go fast, but nobody else is at the starting line. We help you plan three steps ahead to avoid missteps and start making progress on your solution. The shortest, most cost-effective path to learning what people want is to give them an example of what is possible. We move swiftly and incrementally to enable early course corrections.

You take ownership

A key ingredient in your success is your ability to operate the solution with your full-time team. We share knowledge and train your team to manage and monitor the new solution, so we can help you with your next endeavor.

Your awesome roadmap

The road ahead is full of changing budgets and operational priorities. With your assistance, we assemble a flexible roadmap your team can use for years. Each point on the map includes actionable information to define and drive your next steps.

“I have known Peter Loos since 1995. I highly value his overall ability to deliver solutions to the extent that when we no longer worked for the same organization, I retained his company Seabeck Systems as an outside consultant to build the Distributor Sales Reporting database for Dux Dental / Vettec Inc. They are thorough and detailed in their approach, but can still see the big picture objective. Seabeck Systems seems internally motivated to drive and succeed in every endeavor they undertake.”

Dale Akita
Chief Financial Officer
DUX Industries Inc.

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