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The right stuff

Technology is only as good as the business value it delivers
When you can get equal or greater value from a pre-packaged solution, we help you find, plan, and implement that package. Where custom development is required, our team can design, build and validate your solution.

We bake in the quality

Testing: the missing link

Our design process includes planning for validation, so your solution is built to be testable from the start. We regularly review progress to provide candid feedback and recommended course corrections. Each delivery is handled with care.

Systems support humans

Your team plays an active role in designing and owning the solution. Users have a good sense of how they want to solve a particular problem. We use their input to guide your design and increase user buy-in. Our designs are practical - we prioritize functionality and efficient user experience.

Manage scope to keep everyone happy

We capture requirements in plain language to make ideas clear for everyone. Feel empowered to manage competing stakeholder demands by prioritizing key deliverables in a concise, workable plan. Clearly defined outcomes and regular progress reporting unlock your team to get their work done.

Top engineers with great communication

Our engineers use visuals and simple terms to discuss complex technical topics with diverse groups. We specialize in the Microsoft stack, and have great appreciation for open source products. Our expert partner network extends our capabilities into Amazon cloud and enterprise Java development.

Baby steps to success

An incremental approach gives time for people and processes to adapt. We use modern tools to create lightweight demonstrations of what is possible, and get early input from your stakeholders. You increase buy-in and reveal requirements with each delivery, which helps you build a product people can use.

Level up

Our experts love to share knowledge, solve problems, and help people grow. We coach teams of all sizes to success. Your team gets training and user-specific documentation so they can support the product without us.

“I have known Peter Loos since 1995. I highly value his overall ability to deliver solutions to the extent that when we no longer worked for the same organization, I retained his company Seabeck Systems as an outside consultant to build the Distributor Sales Reporting database for Dux Dental / Vettec Inc. They are thorough and detailed in their approach, but can still see the big picture objective. Seabeck Systems seems internally motivated to drive and succeed in every endeavor they undertake.”

Dale Akita
Chief Financial Officer
DUX Industries Inc.

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