Cloud Architecture

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Our initial assessment clarifies your business and IT objectives and readiness. We work with your team to define incremental steps that leverage automation, enable learning, and minimize risk.

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Start with the end in mind

Cloud migration projects can easily run over budget and schedule. You can mitigate this common pain by drawing a roadmap with incremental steps toward business objectives. Use each step to contain scope, minimize risk, and get insight on what strategy works best for your organization.

Bridge the skill gap

IT teams often resist cloud solutions when their skills are locked in legacy technology. We break through fear with expertise, encouragement, and guided training. Early wins build confidence, and demonstrate how time and cost savings can free up capacity to tackle new initiatives.

Your choices impact cost

Done right, cloud solutions can lower your overall operating costs. There is no one-size-fits-all cloud strategy. Companies who lift and shift without planning and testing may be discouraged by poor performance. Start with our assessment of risks and impacts so you can make cost-effective architecture choices.

Scale on the fly

Of the many cloud benefits, scalability is one of the best. Cloud infrastructure is easier to scale up or down because there is no hardware to buy and install. Adapt to changes with minimal downtime. We help teams set up monitoring and alerting, conduct regular assessments and identify cost savings.

Futureproof your business

Your IT strategy needs a well-tested disaster recovery plan. Cloud-based services provide the high-availability and redundancy to ensure your business keeps humming. We help your team define and exercise your disaster recovery plan so when the day comes, you are more than ready.

“I have known Peter Loos since 1995. I highly value his overall ability to deliver solutions to the extent that when we no longer worked for the same organization, I retained his company Seabeck Systems as an outside consultant to build the Distributor Sales Reporting database for Dux Dental / Vettec Inc. They are thorough and detailed in their approach, but can still see the big picture objective. Seabeck Systems seems internally motivated to drive and succeed in every endeavor they undertake.”

Dale Akita
Chief Financial Officer
DUX Industries Inc.
Cloud Architecture

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